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OK, there are three possibilities: 1) this is when Dr. Wily remotely activated the Roboenza cache in Strike Man's body, 2) he was pretty pissed off at whoever was batting, or 3) [insert your own funny reason here because I can't think of a third]. Nevertheless, this is it only funny, but also part of MM canon. Don't believe me? Here's part of his entry in the field guide: "One time, his unsportsmanlike temper led to the hospitalization of an opponent he didn't care for when he struck them with an incredibly fierce pitch." See? Either way, great job here.
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I kept thinking this critique was for the Strike Man pic, otherwise, I would have told you that you have posted it to my Blade Man pic by mistake before I clicked on 'fair'. Sorry about that.

But yeah, I am aware of Strike Man's bio, which was actually the inspiration for the picture in the first place.
Minebot45 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow What a mix-up!
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